Friday, December 30, 2011

Do Not Miss: December 2011

This great 2011 ends, and before it does, let's review the best I've seen in the internet on December 2011:

  • Normandy 1944" by Pedro Fernández: Rafa Coll shows us on his blog (as usual) the process photos of this wonderful miniature by Pedro Fernández.

  • Kifaro from Studio McVey: This new miniature is a Rhinotaur by Allan Carrasco, once again a superb sculpture. We expected no less from him!

  • Jabba the Hutt by Romain Van der Bogaert: This new release from Knightmodels is modelled by Romain and Alfonso Gozalo (Alfonso modelled Leia while Romain did everything else in the scene, including Jabba). Romain now shows us photos of the process of sculpting this wonderful kit.

  • V day by Jorge Jaldón: I saw this entry on Rafa Coll's blog. It's a beautiful diorama showing us how there is still a lot to be done in historical miniatures apart from just soldiers and weapons. This scene depicting a victory parade is just beautiful.

  • Realistic spiderwebs by Raffa: Simple but great tutorial on how to create very realistic spiderwebs, on Massive Voodoo, as always.

  • Eleriel and Alaniel by Angel Giraldez: I follow Mr. Giraldez a lot because he has a great production rate of painted figurines for artboxes and brands, but this time I was surprised by this piece, for the company Raging Heroes. It's true that the photos are very bad, but I can guess this is a great piece.

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