Monday, August 13, 2012

Golden Demon Germany 2012 First news

Guten tag!

First news starting to spawn on the internet about the German Golden Demon. Here's some highlights and a few pics, extracted directly from Chris' blog (Bestienmeister):

  • Slayer Sword goes to Raffaele Picca (Picster) for his Duel (Dwarf Slayer vs. Troll)
  • Goatman (Sascha Buczek) Gold in 40k Single (Plaguebearer) and 40k Vehicle (Contemptor)
  • GeOrc (Georg Damm) Gold Fantasy Regiment
  • Mo Gold Fantasy Single
  • Ben Komets Gold Diorama and Gold LotR (Theoden)
  • Jarhead Bronze Duel (Slayer vs. Orc)
  • several Demons for Crackpot (Jürgen Wagner)
  • DarkKnight Silver 40k Single (Grey Knight) and LotR (Aragorn)
  • Shejtan Gold Fantasy Monster (Nurgle Ogre)

Slayersword by Raffaele Picca.

Ben Komet's diorama, an entry I was following carefully since the beginning of its creation.

Congratulations to all! I have to say I am very happy that this weekend has passed, as I was very envious for not being able to be there this year. DAMN!!!


Unknown said...

Hey Volomir!

So sad that you could not make it to this year's Golden Demon event in Germany.

To make up for it, check out my blog - I uploaded a few videos of the whole event. If you like, share it with your friends!

Take care!

Michael "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Bartels

Rafael García Marín said...

Great!! Nice videos Michael!!! I'm so jealous...... grrrr