Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Memories from Golden Demon Italy 2012

And because not everything is about the contest of miniatures in a Golden Demon, here's some more pics from this weekend in Italy!

Massive ham and salame feast!

Simon Modrow's Space Marine absolutely scratch built.

Another view on the Space Marine.

Simon Modrow and Massimiliano a.k.a. amon chakai a.k.a. "Follatore".

Rapaz performing the classic "painting at the entrance" making use of the last few minutes before registration closes.

Simon looks at my Scrap Demon creation with envy. It could be my next Golden Demon! haha

Traditions are important in Italy. This is the classic Golden Demon Italy Salame sharing. I want a tradition like this in Spain.

Sneaky shot of some of the best painters of Italy. Caught in the same frame, Francesco Farabi, Fabrizio Russo, Luciano Rossetti and Matteo Murelli. And more great painters stored in the back of the van! :D

And thus ends the 2012 Golden Demon season for me. We still need to see what GD France has to offer, but I won't be fighting that battle this time. Time to relax, time to think and time to prepare for the next battles ahead.

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Franciuus said...

hahah!!! great Volomir!!!
was fantastic to meet you again, you are a fantastic person, and i want you in italy next time on Monte San Savino!