Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Help Painting Buddha with subtitle translations of seasons 1.2 and 1.3!

As you guys know, Painting Buddha is preparing two new releases of their Season 1 of DVDs.

First we have Season 1.2: "Freehands & Banner" with Stephan Rath

Then we have Season 1.3: "Basing Alchemy: Earth" with Matt Cexwish and Ben Komets

These are now in pre-order mode as they have not yet been released. This time, Painting Buddha plans to have as much languages as they can in the subtitles. As you know, I was in charge of all the subtitles in Spanish for Season 1.1: Target Identified. I want to have these 2 new sets of DVDs translated into Spanish too, but I need help! It's a lot of work for just one man in his free time (my free time is already swarmed with stuff to do!). For this reason, Painting Buddha has organised a group of people which will help with the translation of subtitles.

We need people who are able to translate 6, 7 or more chapters of a DVD, each between 4.2 and roughly 42 minutes. Average length is probably around 21 minutes.

In exchange for this great help, and being Painting Buddha a very generous initiative, this is what people who become Bable Fishes (helpers of this translation mayhem) will receive:

  • Everyone receives custom Bable-Fish T-Shirts, Stickers, Buttons and more - all designed by none other than Ben Komets and hand-made. This rare and valuable loot will not be available for sale ever.
  • Everyone receives a free Season 1.2/1.3 Bundle, signed by the team Each chapter will show the name and/or nick of the respective translator and - if you would like - the URL to your blog, social media page or website.
  • On our blog and our future website (planned for 2014) you will be eternally recognized as one of the immortal heroes of Painting Buddha with special titles and privileges.
  • You will be the first to be involved in Project "Beeble-Bable" - and that could possibly open a chest full of free stuff and gold for you.
  • We will not forget that you helped us.

Very very generous if you ask me!

So if you want to become a Bable Fish, go fast to Masterminis Facebook page and leave a message to Michael Bartels. If you especifically want to help with the Spanish translation, you will serve under my command ("Ahoy sailors! Best crew and captain in the world!"), so just contact me by email or commenting here. I will make sure you join my crew!

Happy "Bable Fishing" everyone!

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