Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The wonderful joy of moving

It's been already two years since I last moved. It seems like it was yesterday, but quite some time has passed, and now it's time to move again!

But I don't remember having so much trouble last time... what do I do with so many minis out of their boxes?

Seriously I had all this stuff in cabinets? Wait to see what's awaiting inside all those boxes...

Damn... moving is a nightmare for modellers. How do you guys deal with it?

Stay tuned because in this new place where we will be living, not only will I still be roomate to Adrián Prado (fantasy and miniature concept artist), but now also to Borja García (Fenix, painter from The Figure Corner). Fantasy miniature art grows even stronger in Madrid!

Adrián Prado, the loyal one

Borja García, the new one

Can't wait for those painting gatherings! Did I say gatherings...? How about everyday life! :D


greggles said...

I don't know how people move with their miniatures. The last time I moved, it was only a few miles away, and I had a month to do so.

So I just moved them piecemeal, very carefully.

To have to box everything up? Oh man.

MrLee said...

Many many miniature transport boxes. Be they shoeboxes ( wives help here ) or the standard ones found online. And then moved personally as much as possible.

Good luck with the move! Sounds like exciting times ahead!