Thursday, October 2, 2014

Project Alchemy: An Oldhammer & Collecting Citadel Miniatures charity project

Today I bring you something very especial!

The initiative that I want to talk about is called Project Alchemy. Read all about it from my friend Jon Boyce:

    Project Alchemy is essentially an attempt to engage with Games Workshop hobbyists and to try and raise money for charity. The charity in question is UNICEF, the international children's charity. The raising money bit comes via donations. In order to provide an incentive for gamers to part with hard-earned cash, we've pulled together over 30 truly amazing prizes. All donors to the project will be automatically entered into the prize draw, with 1 'ticket' for each £1 donated (ie. £5 = 5 tickets).

    Back to the prizes - we've managed to prize out some really stunning items from collectors of rare and unreleased Warhammer and 40k figures, ex-GW artists and wonderful figure painters. To date you could win an original 1987 sketch of 40k Orks by the world-renowned artist, Ian Miller; a regiment of 11 unreleased Warhammer Empire Warrior Priests or a copy of the classic 'Ratspike' artbook, signed by John Blanche

    On Monday 29 Sept we added a further 5 prizes to the pool. These include the original concept sketches for Tyranid Tyrant Guard and Zoanthropes by ex-GW concept artist Roberto Cirillo and a classic Iron Claw Space Pirate painted by Battlebrush Studios.

    Donations will be taken until Sunday 9 November, with another 10 prizes yet to be added. Check out the Project and the prizes at

Absolutely wonderful things come out sometimes from our beloved hobby. Chip in guys! The project runs from now until November 9th!

There's more info on Project Alchemy on the website (, and there's also a facebook group. Check them out!

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