Sunday, December 28, 2014

Finishing up the Phoenix Guard scheme

I'm back with some painted things to the blog. In Spain, today is the equivalent to April's Fools (December 28), but this is not a joke! Really! I am painting again! :)

I bought myself some old Phoenix Guards, those metal ones, that are very likely to become the next to join the ranks of my High Elves army. As usual, I first paint one to test the colour scheme, and then use it on them all. So far, this is what I have done.

What do you think? It is still missing the freehand with the phoenix flames in the cape. The scheme is still unclear to me, because it does have to match the overall scheme of the army, but maybe it is too similar this time and they are elite guys. I was thinking of switching to the typical white cape (GW codex) and change the reds for turquoises instead. Opinions? I would like to hear your thoughts! :)

Don't worry because as soon as everything is in motion, there will be a detailed step by step article of them all. These days that I am on Christmas vacation, I have time to paint so I hope to show more stuff soon.

Oh, I nearly forgot... happy holidays! :)


Swordmaster said...

Hi Volomir,

Great to see new miniature painted and I am delighted to see it is a High Elf! I can't wait to see another step-by-step article. I am sure that whatever freehand you plan to paint on the cloak will be fantastic. But as far as alternative colors go I was thinking about read cloaks to add to their elite status and make them stand out from the rest of the army.

Looking forward to seeing more of your incredible paintings on High Elves!

hrld said...

Ola Volomir,

i have the same "problem" to solve too.
Shall paint mine according to my army (gold for all metals but the weapons, tourquise and white for fabrics and details) or do something different.

I would change the tourquise of the cape for white, so the flames of the phoenix will pop out really nice.
And painting fire on a white basecoat is always a good idea...

Post some shots of your complete army if you got the time. Please.

Greetz from Austria

Larm said...

Hi Volomir

Happy Christmas and new year.

I think it is a matter of taste and what your plan is for the army. Is it a army with a lot of "heroes" and a lot of foot soldiers or is it a more harmonic army where all stand together like a unit (or something like that).

So if you see these as "special ones and special Elite" yes then of cause you need them to stand out a lot more than now (I think). But I been follow your Elves a long time know, and I don´t think it is what you are headed for (or maybe it is ha-ha).

So I would do the cloak another color and/or the freehand really pops. But do you want them to be something really really special for your army I think you need to look at changing the armor in general, so it is not gold but another color. But still of cause keep the tourguise in some way.

But I must say that I really like this color scheme and the only thing I would chance was the cloak. Maybe do some freehand on the weapons too, so it look like "elite" and not ordinary weapons.

But then Again maybe i would not change a damn thing....It is so f....nice as it is allready.

Larm said...

And where are the pics from your minis at GD2014???? ;) hahaha

Champi said...

I just found out your blog a couple of days ago... A-MAZING!

I don't know what to do, on the one hand I get motivated to continue my painting... but on the other, I want to quit becasue I will never reach to that level.

The miniature looks great, and whatever colour scheme you eventually decide, it will be awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out from your imagination and creativity!