Monday, August 3, 2015

Golden Demon Tanks 2015

Golden Demon Tanks (Tanks!) took place on Saturday and it seemed like it was a very small event, probably the smallest 'GD' event that I remember.

Photo by Conrad Mynett

From what we were told, about 40 odd people attended the event paying for the ticket, and about 20 entries in total were competing in the few categories that this small GD was offering.

Check out photos of all tanks participating in this album, by Conrad Mynett.

Photo by Conrad Mynett

Richard Gray, winner of Slayersword UK 2014, also won the best of show, with his Deathguard Fellblade. Congratulations again Richard!

Photo by Conrad Mynett

Apparently, apart from being single themed, the event had the usual Golden Demon statues and even the overall winner of this single themed GD was also awarded a Slayersword. I am certainly not a big fan of this policy, to me this is devaluating (even more) the grand prize, the Slayersword. Obviously, you already know what I think about this idea of chopping their GD into pieces, and judging by the attendance, it seems like most traditional GD participants agree with me.

Anyway, this type of event is going to continue, as there is going to be yet another small GD at Warhammer World in October, especifically 18-19, and it is going to be themed around Warhammer 40k. I don't foresee a larger number of participants this time either. I was even advised by some participants of GD Tanks to make sure I don't attend any single themed GD like this one because it is so not worth it (traveling from Madrid just for that? No tanks! I mean, no thanks!).

Photo by Conrad Mynett

My prediction for the future is that there is going to be a classic Golden Demon event next year, probably in the Spring. I believe this situation of mini-GDs is just an experiment of GW (probably a failure) and also responds to their transition from Warhammer Fantasy to Age of Sigmar, so that next year, when everything is much more settled, we will see a new Golden Demon format arising (basically switching Fantasy for Age of Sigmar and killing any Lord of the Rings/Hobbit category when they stop selling those products).

All of those who still love Golden Demon... don't give up hope just yet!


PaintingBuddha said...

Obi-Volomir-Kenobi, you are our only hope.

paloji said...

Shame Demon Tanks 2015 :(

Unknown said...

The news I heard fella is that they tried to book coventry again but because it was too short notice they had no room for them, so they are looking at Oct again next year

Unknown said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with having these little extra events as long as they keep the big Golden Demon event to go with them. I really wish they didn't give out swords in them though. For a one category event the standard would be great, but there were not enough gold standard entries to compete for a sword. These competitions are more along the lines of a Forge World Open Day painting competition.

hrld said...

The general idea of having some smaller events is pretty cool i think. But as this favours the painters that live "not to far away" (what ever that may mean...) they should make it different form normal GD. Maybe with a new type of trophy?

I miss the regular GD event series, but i don´t think it will come back in the way we loved it.

Grats to Richard. Would be great to see some pics somewhere else than on FB