Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Monte San Savino 2015 my personal Bests

There was much more in MSS 2015 than just the bests that I shared with you yesterday. So many beautiful pieces that I'm sure no one had enough time to see them all. Such incredible display would require months for anyone to admire in all its glory.

For this reason, I have gone through the inmense myriad of photos that I took this weekend, and picked up my personal favourites (apart from the already mentioned Bests) to share with you. Here they are!

Toni Nieto's particular vision of miniatures and art

Luis Méndez's hand and Palantir, insane creativity unleashed

Martin Goumaz and Patrick Masson, and the girl and the leaf knight

Roman Lappat's Masters Painting display compression

Damek's inversion of the story

Banshee's proposal to break with the established

Luis Gómez Pradal and the Pirate Orc colour beacon

Nakatan's works finally live in Europe

Raffaele Picca's fierce creations

Marc Masclans, the real painting giant

Patrick Masson, virtuosity in sculpting

Lucas Pina, the style that shook our world

I'm sure you enjoyed the photos... well, I tell you, they were much better live!

What were your own personal favourites in MSS 2015?

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