Sunday, August 2, 2009

The minstrel from Nocturna

This is one of the best figures being released lately (in my opinion of course!). Its the new minstrel in 54 mm scale from Nocturna, modelled by Alfonso Gozalo. It's a great piece, thought from the beginning to be a half fantastic half historical figure, trying to unite painters from both worlds into this type of miniatures. The quality of the figure is exquisite, the pose is awesome, and the possibilities for a painter are endless, you can paint it in a more realistic way or you can use more fantastic and saturated bright colours. I need to make some time to paint this one (if only...)

The painted versions are from Jesús Martín (the first one) and Pedro Souto (my friend Lotina, the second one).

Congratulations to our friend Jesús Martín, creator of Nocturna, because the brand has now one of the best catalogues in the world of fantastic figures. Keep up the good work!

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