Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Golden Demon Germany 2009 (awards)

Finally, back from Köln!! Great time we had there (as usual XD) and great contest regarding miniatures!

Here's a list of the spanish who received awards: (there were about 20 spanish painters this year!)

Volomir -> silver in monster fantasy
Fabri -> silver in 40k squad
Morsa -> silver in fantasy regiment
jan-z -> silver in single fantasy
paloji -> silver in 40k monster/vehicle
Fenix -> bronze in single 40k
Mesklins -> bronze in lord of the rings
Dieguete -> bronce in monster fantasy

Great entries from all of my friends!! The sword was awarded to Stephan Rath who entered a dark elf diorama, and also won gold in monster fantasy (he won over my lion). Congratulations to all!!

Pictures and reports soon to come! Stay tuned ;)


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Roman aka jar said...

Congratz on such a great visit to Germany... i was again - sad, that i couldn't go there - i really love your work! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman