Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brother Fonsel

This was my entry in GD Germany 2008, it was awarded gold in single 40k. It's a standard bearer space marine from the Imperial Fists Chapter. Dedicated to my master Alfonso Giraldes (banshee) and done as a tribute to his wonderful figure "Brother Joshel" converted from Inquisitor's Artemis.

The design of the flag was done by my friend Arturo Serrano (obiart). I just had to paint and copy the design from the wonderful image he created in photoshop. Thanks obi!!!!

Link to coolminiornot:

Tutorial Behind The Scenes: Step by Step Article

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Hoax said...

Je viens de rodav' ton géant Pour le Golden, j'ai vus Maxime Penaud après Tremblay et toute la clique et je me suis dis : oooo merde !
CHAPEAU MEC ! Merci Pozin ^^