Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soon to come in Volomir's Blog

As you can see, I've posted photos of Brother Fonsel, a miniature which dates back to 2008. I have to update my gallery with pictures of my latest figures. Brother Fonsel was the first one, and don't get confused, it won gold in Germany but not this year! I'll post pictures of the lion soon enough, be patient my friends!

So, next in line will be Malus Darkblade, a nearly scratch built figure which started as a conversion of a Dark Elf Corsair and ended as this famous character from Warhammer universe. It's quite a complex figure because I painted it in one of my darkest times, and thus you will notice the obscurity and darkness of the colours. Expect pictures soon!

After Malus Darkblade I will post pictures of the High Elf and the Lion. And that will be my last posting for now. I have to post also pictures of Éowyn, but as she will still be travelling to other contests around the world, I prefer to wait and post them when I decide to retire her from competitions.

There are also some news regarding contests, there is high possibility that we will be attending Golden Demon Italy the 18th of October. Therefore I am already preparing my entry, which this time will presumably be an assault Space Marine from the Space Wolves chapter. It will be a simple conversion but I think it will be a remarkable figure, because the pose is very effective and fierce! Stay tuned!

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