Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slayersword Golden Demon UK 2009

Golden Demon UK 2009 was celebrated last sunday. We are beginning to see photos of the figures entered, this is the one which won the Slayersword. It's a beautiful conversion of an imperial character, with a style I really love. The idea of a clock-maker with all those little clocks, the books, the artifacts and all those crazy details extremely taken care of, is awesome. Congratulations Ben Jarvis (rocketandroll)!!!

Enjoy ;)

The spanish painters could only gain one silver demon, awarded to David Rodríguez (Karaikal), which is not as bad as you may think because we will be having his presence again in contests! He announced last year that he was giving up painting for a while, but now he's back, let's hope that he returns with the same strength as always! We'll see his ork soon. And there is also a Duel from Julien Casses which I will post when we get better photos.

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