Thursday, October 15, 2009

The last journey of Éowyn the Traveller

Two days remaining for our trip to Italy! Unfortunately, my extremely busy life nowadays has obliged me to quit from the idea of entering the space wolf I was preparing. Too bad. Anyway, it will not end as a dead project. I left it in the modelling phase, but the whole idea of the figure is totally considered already. I expect the wolf to be one of the figures I will be presenting in Golden Demons to come (France in April presumably, or else, Spain in May).

So my beautiful lady Éowyn will be once again herald of my little army (and once again, the only one). For her fourth attempt in battle (hopefully the last), and if I can make some time before this weekend, I will be giving some final touches to the base, some Rohan freehands which I think might suit very well.

I would like to close Éowyn’s history this weekend. She sort of represents my life as it was more than six months ago, and it’s a chapter to be left definitely in the past. Enjoy your last trip milady!

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