Friday, September 11, 2009

And yet even more to come in Volomir's Blog!

I've been thinking that I have a lot of photos of processes of my last figures. I'm going to work on some Step by Step tutorials for all of you, and probably try to recover some old ones I have over the internet. I'll post them on the blog and then open a section for all the articles so you have fast access to them. Expect Brother Fonsel's article this afternoon!

By the way, I'm glad to announce that yes, Raspura Oscura will be definitely travelling to Italy this October. Golden Demon Italy 2009! It's the first time I go to GD Italy, I hope to see great figures there, and of course, I'm sure we'll have a great time!

I have already started my entry. Apart from Éowyn the traveller, I'm going to present a Space Wolf from an assault squad and with claws like those of Wolverine which I hope you will like. I'll tell you more when the time comes...

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