Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tribute to the Fallen

I called this figure “Tribute to the Fallen”. It's a conversion of an elf commander made from pieces of the High Elf Chariot and pieces from High Elf Commander box from GW. This was my entry in the 2009 Germany Golden Demon. It won silver in Monster Fantasy, sharing podium with a marvellous giant from Dieguete and a precious Valen on horseback from Stephan Rath, who would later win the Slayersword with a dark elf diorama.

Represents a High Elf Noble Prince from the Lions of Crace, grieving in the rocks of the shore as he mourns the wreckage of his parents ship, unable to return home safely. He proudly wields the family banner, gathered from the ship's broken remains, as his personal tribute to the fallen.

“Tribute to the Fallen” was started around the same personal dark times as Malus Darkblade, and it was left apart for some time for this reason. However, I decided to resume the work and I finished it quite hastily to get to Germany GD. There are some people who have helped a lot in the process, mainly Elías Alonso (morsa/weishaupt), as always my painting companion, Marc Masclans (mesklins) for his invaluable help the last day, and Pablo López (paloji) who was also fooled by me the day before the contest to help me painting. And also thanks to the painting nights with Malaleche. Thanks everyone!

I hope you like it. Comments welcome as always!

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Sigmar said...

Hi Rafael,

Would you mind if reviewed some of your amazing miniatures in my expert's Miniatures gallery . I will be sure to credit you and link back to your blog.

I think my readers will love your fantasy miniatures.

Also, can I persuade you to join our small group of friendly fantasy battle hobbyists ? We have a couple of award winning painters and tournament winners and we're a friendly bunch.

All the best and keep up the inspiring painting. Thanks for sharing,

Rafael García Marín said...

Hey Sigmar!
Of course, I would be more than happy! Just let me know whatever you need.

I'm going to join your community, I don't play that often but I love the game, and it's always great to meet new friends!!

Cheers :)