Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Chinese are coming!

Quite a strange thing to say on the day of the Epiphany (traditional holiday in Spain) isn't it? By the way, Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! This 2010 which has just begun is going to be a fantastic year for all of us, specially for me, 2009 wasn't so good at all. I began this post referring to China because my friend Piti told me yesterday that in GW website they have announced that the fist edition of GW national painting contest has been celebrated in China. They have called this event Golden Dragon (I love that name). They say it has been a great event and that they will be repeating experience next year. Photos of the winners have been uploaded (they are quite bad because they don't show any more than little details) about the only 2 categories of the contest, Fantasy and 40k.

40k 1st place by Li Chengxu

40k 2nd place by Cheng Jia

40k 3rd place by Ma Ji

Fantasy 1st place by Huang HeS

Fantasy 2nd place by Guo XiSma

Fantasy 3rd place by Huang HeS

You can see that chinese painting is quite promising and we all know that when chinese start doing something, they do it, and they really excel at it. We have to be careful because they can really outstand!

And talking about other topics, I hung pictures about my High Elf on Lion (Tribute to the Fallen) in coolminiornot. In a few days I will upload the pictures here and also an article about the creation process which I am finishing currently. Next post will contain photos of the creature!


Roman aka jar said...

I would say these are really, really good news... finally the hobby is expanding far east :) - thanks for the information!

Rafael García Marín said...

Yes hey are certainly good news Roman!!! Can't wait to see what the Chinese are able of...