Monday, December 14, 2009

Obi Wan Kenobi vs Anakin Skywalker, new from Knightmodels

This time they have really surprised me. Our colleagues from Knightmodels continue with their Star Wars line which is showing a very high quality. In their latest set of new figures, all of them excellent, we find this duel sculpted by Alfonso Gozalo and painted by Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee). Its a scene in 70mm like all other figures from Knightmodels. I think the photos speak for themselves.

My friend Alfonso Giraldes has returned stronger than ever and this time he has outdone himself. The painting is exceptional, I have no words. It'll be hard to paint this kit because with such box-art there will be no one able to keep up with this level! Banshee has also warned us because of the complexity of the scene. The painting is very challenging and will mean a great leap in the learning of all those who embark on it. I am really eager to paint it, but all my time is being spent on my next big project, and I can't get to spend it with other things. I'll have to wait I guess. Besides, if I buy it, I will have to paint it for sure, the price of the kit does not allow keeping it in the drawer! Also, Knightmodels has a new 30mm Star Wars line scheduled for the beginning of 2010, which promises to be exceptional. We will follow them with great attention.

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