Thursday, December 3, 2009

IV Open de Quimera

This past weekend has been quite intense for me. Regarding painting matters, which is what interests us in this blog, we attended on Saturday the traditional "Open de Quimera", which takes place twice a year and is now in its fourth installment. It is a fantastic opportunity for us fans of the hobby in Madrid to get together, to present our latest works, to receive some awards and especially to have a good time with our colleagues. This edition has had slightly less participation than previous events, however the quality remained as high as always, and new generations of painters in Madrid are rising very much the level of the competition.

In my opinion, special mention for works submitted by emuse, darthgollum, Petrus, ARI-A-KAS, pumukyvan and Paloji. The one that surprised me the most was Paloji's Infinity one, which technically was not wonderful, but it was a beauty because of the colors chosen and the points of light that gave it a superb special grace. Congratulations to all and keep up the good work because the level is getting really high!

Personally, I decided to enter Malus Darkblade and the High Elf in Lion (whose real name is "Tribute to the Fallen") and the truth is that they both left a good impression. Everyone agreed that the photos I posted of Malus are not fair to the actual model, so I'm seriously thinking about reshooting them and remove those that are posted now as they are not receiving good grades in CoolMiniOrNot. The Elf in Lion won the category of Best Figure on a smaller scale of 54 mm and was named best figure of the contest (Best of Show). As a result I got a good string of hobby material courtesy of Quimera, and a super cool foam sword. My first Best of Show! Is it an appetizer of what is coming next year?

As you can see, I posted no photos of the Elf in Lion, but do not worry ... They have been already made and they are nearly ready to see the light!

I leave you a list of winners of the contest, but not before thanking Paco and all the people from Quimera for organizing a competition that gives us so much joy to many people. It is one of the best excuses to bring the whole painting community together in Madrid. For the next edition, I have been invited to be the judge. I hope to see you all there in the competition!


Historic - Pedro Rufo (Petrus)
Bigger than 54mm - Ivan Sempere
Smaller than 54mm - Rafael García Marín (volomir)
Green - Israel Gonzalez
Bust - Fermin Garcia

TALE OF WAR - Ruben Martinez (darthgollum)
INFINITY - Pablo Lopez (Paloji)
JMD - Pablo Plaza (Polk)
NOCTURNA - Pedro Rufo (Petrus)
PIZARRO - Enrique Velasco (Emuse)
GW - Jorge Valdes (Lord jasegev)

Historical - Juan Acosta
Bigger than 54mm - Javier Hernandez
Smaller than 54mm - Juan Acosta
Battle Group - Javier Hernandez

Rafael García Marín (volomir)

I leave you some of the best figures in the competition:

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