Thursday, November 19, 2009

Malus Darkblade

This is my version of Malus Darkblade in 28mm scale for Warhammer Fantasy. The figure started out as a simple conversion created from pieces of Warhammer Dark Elves Corsairs. I had always in mind the fantastic illustration from the cover of the book ‘Malus Darkblade’, and as the conversion progressed, I knew I would have to do some serious modelling to achieve my expectations. Therefore, in the end is nearly a scratch built model, with only the hands, the sword, and back part of the torso being plastic parts. The figure won bronze in Single Fantasy on Golden Demon Spain 2009.

For those of you who do not know Malus Darkblade, I will tell you that he is a Dark Elf Noble of evil renown in the Warhammer Fantasy world. Malus was possessed by a Daemon called Tz’arkan. His quest to rid himself of this Daemon is legendary. At one point he succeeded although it cost him his own soul. It took many years after that to track down the Daemon again and win his soul back, only to have Tz’arkan imprisoned inside him again.

When leading his armies to war, Malus rides his famous Cold One steed called Spite and wields the fearsome Warpsword of Khaine. He is a very dark character; he can summon Tz’arkan and allow him to control his own actions to become more powerful. This is great risk though, as while possessed by Tz'arkan he can attack his own troops as well as enemies.

The darkness of Malus inspired me in one of my darkest times to paint in cold and deadly colours, reflecting my mood at that moment. I want to thank all of my friends for their support, specially Elias Alonso (Morsi) for all his help and for collaborating on this figure.

I hope you like it, and as always, comments are very welcome!

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Behind the scenes: Malus Darkblade (Green) Step by Step


Jim Johnston said...

I've got to tell you that is an amazing little figure you have created. Always impressed by your work.

Roman aka jar said...

Amazing piece! Really love this character from the novels and this is by far the best version of this character i have ever seen! Wow! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

noeste said...

Wow, that's a wonderful piece of sculpting you've achieved, and a fantastic paint job!

The look on his face is giving me the shivers, well done!

Rafael García Marín said...

Thanks guys!! Really, your comments mean a lot to me, I'm flattered!

Anonymous said...

epic model. Malus rocks! I started dark elves just to have an army with him in it!

Da Gobbo said...

I know this is such a late comment but just got back into the hobby after a 5 year absence. Dude that figure is AMAZING! I'm rereading the novels now and you have nailed Malus! Maybe the Wolfrider tribe will be put onto backburner and a highborn retinue take its place once i've finished with the fairer elven army i'm painting up! totally inspirational thanks!

Unknown said...

Holy crap this model is amazing this level of expertise have you considered entering golden deamon? Oh my Jesus the face the model the sculpting. How? Would you consider selling the model? I would love to purchase it.

Unknown said...

Oh wait never mind I saw that you did enter it, good job on the bronze!

Rafael García Marín said...

Hi Ayden! If you are seriously interested, drop me an e-mail at