Friday, April 16, 2010

GD France 2010 and the volcano in Iceland

Europe's air transportation is a total chaos these days due to the volcanic ash coming from a volcano eruption in Iceland. And GD France 2010 this weekend is probably going to suffer the consequences. I've heard many painters saying they won't be able to travel to Paris as they had planned. Spanish painters attending this weekend are also waiting for news about their flights, they might not be able to travel. Does this mean that GD France won't be having as much international participation as usual? Let's hope this doesn't happen as GD France is probably the most important regarding level of entries, we don't want to lose all the great pieces we see every year in that contest. However, if you were planning to travel to Paris and won't be able to make it, maybe you should be considering attending GD Spain 2010 instead! You know it will be taking place on July 4 in Madrid, might be a good excuse to come!

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