Sunday, April 25, 2010

Golden Demon France 2010, first impressions

Golden Demon France 2010 took place last weekend, Sunday 18 April. A great contest with lots of great miniatures, as I have been told. There is being a lot of chatter lately about french artists and their ability to create and innovate with their figures. Specially since photos of the french Slayersword were released. The award went to Maxime Penaud, for his extraordinary Giant, a crazy art piece (true art) which he started making more than a year ago. I could see the figure live last year in GD France 2009, Maxime was kind enough to show progress of the sculpture, and it was really amazing, truly promising (as it has finally turned out).

Here I leave you some photos I found about figures presented in the contest, there are a lot more of course, but these are some of the ones which I find remarkable (again, only a little selection).

Congratulations to our Spanish comrades, only JMPN ended winning awards but this is because the expedition turned out arriving late in the end and their miniatures had to enter Open competition instead of the categories they were meant to. So I guess we will see their figures on Golden Demon Spain 2010! (warming up for an event which seems to be very promising)

Here's an article about the event from the official GW page:

Link to GW page

I'll put photos of the Slayersword on another post, as that masterpiece deserves a post of its own ;)

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