Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GD Spain 2010 coming very soon!

Less than two weeks left for Golden Demon Spain and painters are now finishing their entries (well, some are even starting theirs just about now). The contest seems interesting, people are bluffing about their entries against each other which is contributing to a very competitive atmosphere. This year it seems there will be quite good participation in the diorama category which is not very common. Usually the stronger categories are the individual ones, and it is surprising to see so many names announcing their participation in the scenes category. We just can't wait to see what will happen on July 4. How exciting!
On my part, I cannot confirm anything yet, superior beings have planned against me so that, as always, I could certainly use some more time to paint before the event. But I hope to get in time and enter the competition...

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Mr. Mahon said...

I wish I were able to go to the Spanish GD this year, even if only to see the excellent entries you guys have there. Seen a sample of them in Germany, France and Poland, but there is so much more in Spain.

Good luck and I hope to see an exhaustive photo-report at least...

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