Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Golden Demon Spain 2010 Winners

Here's the list of winners for Golden Demon Spain 2010:

Single 40,000
Gold: Rubén Martínez
Silver: Elías Alonso
Bronze: Toni Nieto

Squad 40,000
Gold: Javier Gonzalez (Arsies)
Silver: Pedro Rufo
Bronze: Cristina Menendez

Monster 40,000
Gold: Luis Gomez Pradal
Silver: Juan Orcajo
Bronze: Ruben Perez Alonso

Gold: Delcroix Michaël
Silver: Javier Gonzalez (Arsies)
Bronze: Roi Gonzalez

Single Fantasy
Gold: Marc Masclans
Silver: Borja García de Diego
Bronze: Octavio Fernández

Fantasy Regiment
Gold: Santiago Perez
Silver: Alejandro Vrela (Iguazzu)
Bronze: Jose María Arnaiz

Fantasy Monster
Gold: Francisco José Gil
Silver: Jesus García
Bronze: ?¿

Gold: Rafa Col Moreno
Silver: Pedro Rufo
Bronze: Jorge González

Gold: Roi Gonzalez
Silver: Rafael García
Bronze: Pablo López

Large Scale
Gold: Elías Alonso
Silver: Juan Acosta
Bronze: Guillermo Martínez

Gold: Francisco José Gil
Silver: David Rodriguez (Karaikal)
Bronze: David Cañas

Gold: Aitor Molero
Silver: Miguel Ángel
Bronze: Diego Muñoz

Gold: Miguel Ángel Matías
Silver: Elías Alonso
Bronze: Ruben Pérez Alonso

BOS Forge World
Delacroix Michaël

Slayer Sword
Rubén Martínez

Comments and photos soon!


Rudy said...

Looking forward to the pictures!

Mahon @ chestofcolors.com said...

Congratulations to all the winners! You didn't disappoint us. As interesting entries as we could only expect. Well done!

@Rudy - some pictures can be seen here.

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