Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preparing 2011

Come on guys! The year is ending and its time to think about where to go next. Here's a list of international events and the information we have now on them:

Crystal Brush 4-5-6 April, Chicago
GD France 22 May, Paris
GD Spain 3 July, ¿Madrid?
GD USA 30 July, ¿Baltimore?
World Expo 19-20-21 August, Montreux (Switzerland)
GD UK ¿18/25 September?, Birmingham
GD Australia 1 October, Sydney
GD Italy 17 October, ¿Modena?

With this said... where are you going?


Anonymous said...

Hi Volomir,

You forgot to mention EuroMilitaire. Im not sure about the exact date, but I think it is somewhere around September.


Kind regards,

Jaakko Karjalainen from Finland

Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

Salute, 16th of April, London :)

KyleM said...

The US GD is actually in Chicago next year, not Baltimore...

I want to go to the US GD and maybe the French GD?... Oh and World Expo.

And of course the Oz GD! First one since 2004 so it is gonna be awesome!