Thursday, November 4, 2010

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 2

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 1

Now let's start with the painting. I will be painting one prototype first, in which I will not hesitate to spend a long time. Once I finish this prototype I will have clear knowledge of what I want my elves to look like and the colours to use, so I will be a lot faster with the rest.

My first approach will be to get this shield concept on the actual models.

The star and the wings will certainly resemble the prince from Tribute to the Fallen. Check out the lion in the background!

In this step I will leave the shield as it is now. Probably later, once I have more of the elf painted, I will come back to improve it and change stuff to get a better match for the whole painting.

And now I'll go on with the clothes and the metallic parts. I will try to use airbrush as much as I can as it will ease the painting process and also make the transitions smoother. I also do not hesitate to use metallic paint with the airbrush, it actually works more or less the same as with the other non metallic paints. The shades in the metal will be green/blue representing the reflection of the greens/blues from the clothes in the shiny elvish armour.

In the next step I have the prototype nearly finished. I've chosen a reddish tone for the hair which will contrast with the turquoise of the rest (actually, this fact has given me the idea or making all of my elves red-headed, as some kind of specific race feature for my elves). The golden parts are painted using Gold colours from Citadel, shaded with greens and purples, while the edges have fine lines of Metallic Medium from Vallejo, to emphasize gold final glows.

I did some work on the shield again, as I said before. Mainly, improving the contrast and perfecting the work on the wing lines. Also, here's a start of the metallic work on the spears. Again, the use of airbrush is highly recommended. I used masking tape to cover the blade which I wasn't painting, and I was able to get very smooth transitions.

Stay tuned!

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 3


CMDante said...

Fantastic stuff!

Would be interested to see more on how you used the airbrush etc

Victor said...

Que buena pinta tiene este elfito!!
Justamente estoy pintando yo tambien la caja de la isla de sangre, pero no a este nivel claro jajaj.
Estare atento