Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do Not Miss: October 2010

This post will open a new section in Volomir's Blog (as if latest activity weren't enough!). This section is called "Do Not Miss", and will gather every month links to the best stuff I've seen in the miniature world which you cannot miss. Starting this October, this is what you should have not missed this last month:

  • Great Mighty Gobbo by Kyril Kanaev. What an amazing creation by yellowone, I think this goblin is simply a piece of art, look at the amount of detail and the wonderful use of colour in this little piece.

  • The Great Wolve by Cristian Sánchez (Kai). The best work from Kai I've seen so far. Very much deserved Gold in Single 40k in UK this year. Pretty smooth! Who does not want to have something like this in their cabinet?

  • Alien Pile by sivousplay. I'm not a great fan of Alien but I have to say this piece is very very nice!

  • Alice & her collapsing Wonderland by Ernst Veingart & Ben Komets. What a great collaboration between these two. Tremendous idea and the quality of the modelling is very good. And Ben did a good job with the painting too! Anyway, if I have to remark something is the idea. It really knocks you out!

  • Scale75 Spartan by Paul Deheleanu. Check out the modelling process (in Spanish) of this 75mm figure from Scale75, a new miniature company from Spain. This spartan is one hell of a great figure! Great work from Paul.

  • Markos Botsaris (Alexander Miniatures) by Paul Deheleanu. One of the best historic pieces made lately. I'm sure this amazing miniature will give a lot to talk about.

  • Golden Demon UK 2010 Winners. Find all the winners in GW page, photos are not very good but at least you can see them!

  • Hunter or Hunted by Raffaele Picca. This is the entry which won the German Slayersword. Find some photos of the creation process in this link to Massive Voodoo. Congrats to Picster on his award, what an amazing piece! Check out the base creation process!

  • The spanish Space Wolves. Posted on the blog last week, you cannot miss the Space Wolves created by spanish painters last month!

  • Thor by Knightmodels. After the success of the first Thor version, Knightmodels has just released this new version. Check out the green, amazing!

  • Dr. Doom by Knightmodels. And check also the green for Dr. Doom, what an impressive amount of detail, the mask, wow!

  • Darth Vader by Knightmodels. In this version of Darth Vader, the cape alone is an artwork.

  • Fear by amon chakai. A nice diorama seen on GD Italy (Gold in Open), what a great idea!

  • Aerobase by Aliaume. I think everyone has had the same idea for a Valkyrie. This one is actually very well done. Gold in GD Germany 2010.

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Camelson said...

Yeah! So great idea! :)
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