Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 1

This is one of the projects I am working on. Due to the release of Warhammer: Island of Blood and the new range of high elves, I've decided to build a little army of these little flower eaters, around the hero that is the elf prince of Tribute to the Fallen. First step will be a unit of sea guard from Island of Blood which I present you right now:

I don't really like the seadragon relief on the shields.

That's why I will get rid of them with the use of my dremmel. I will also erase the reliefs on the banner, though I'm not sure if I will be using this one or building one of my own.

Now I fill the holes on the shields with some milliput and sand them after they are dry to smooth the surface.

I also don't like how big the armour scales are. I believe they could have modelled an additional row of scales between every two of them. So, that's what I'll do next.

Also, I'll be sculpting some reliefs of my own on the shields. I would prefer to use the plain shields for some complete freehand work, but as this will be an entire unit, reliefs will make work faster. I just modelled one and then made a little green stuff press mould to repeat the relief in the rest of the shields. Now they will have a symbol to relate them to my Tribute to the Fallen prince!

Now that everything is finished, I will wash the pieces with some water and soap, to get rid of possible mould grease and putty dust. See them dry on my bath towel!

Stay tuned!

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 2


Hon said...

WOw! Look forward to it!

CMDante said...

The extra detail you have added is incredible - congratulations on what is already shaping up to be a fantastic unit!