Monday, September 27, 2010

Games Day UK 2010 News

Apart from the Golden Demon contest which is what I'm really interested in, yesterday at GD UK 2010 there was a lot of new stuff unveiled from what GW will be releasing soon. I think this time there are a lot of remarkable new miniatures and I wanted to mention them in my blog. If you haven't heard yet, take a look at this link where you will find pictures of all the new things GW has prepared for us:

Bell of Lost Souls post on GD UK 2010

In my opinion, the most interesting of all the releases is the creation of Warhammer Forge, some sort of new Forgeworld range but focused only on Warhammer Fantasy. This is something I wanted to see a long time ago, and I hope to see at least the same amazing stuff for Fantasy as the one seen for 40k in Forgeworld. Maybe Chaos Dwarfs isn't the best of beginnings for the new range but it's certainly good news for Old School lovers. And I have to say, I really like the new Dark Eldar range!

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