Friday, September 17, 2010

News for next weekend

Sunday next weekend is the day for GD UK 2010. I won't be attending unfortunately, but I heard two of our great painters in Spain will. We are talking about David Rodriguez(Karaikal) two times Slayersword winner, and Cristian Sánchez (Kai). We will be informing as soon as we have any news from UK, and of course show you the best photos of the contest! We can't wait to see what David and Kai are going to compete with!

Talking about other things. I have some articles and stuff prepared, this is what you will see on Volomir's Blog in the days to come:

- An old Freehands tutorial I made some time ago, rescued from the internet, rewritten in English. Very instructive and interesting for you all.

- The Ork Nob Step by Step article, gathered from ST forum posts I wrote at the time, rewritten and remastered. Tutorial goodness!!

- Photos of Éowyn, Sword of Rohan, ready to rock and roll

- Some figures I am working on right now (WIPs), an Eldar Dire Avenger and a huge High Elf project of mine (have you seen Warhammer Island of Blood? my god, delightful new set by GW). I'll talk about this new stuff in depth.

- Last but not least... the Last Stand of the Crimson Fists diorama! Many have requested the photos. I am still preparing all the stuff. I have good pics on the oven and a whole 8 month diary I wrote during the making of. This is something I have never seen done before: a personal diary on how I faced the biggest miniature project I have done so far. I'm sure you will like it.

That's it for now, lot of things to come!

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