Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eldar Bonesinger (Green)

This is the Eldar Bonesinger I modelled for a local gaming club in UK.

The figure is based on this concept art:

The figure will be cast for private use of the Club. If you like it and want a copy, send me an email and maybe we can sort one out.


Perry de Havilland said...

Magnificent work! I do not understand why GW does have have models and rules for them.

Hutber said...

I imagine its far too late :D But I love eldar and I love this.

Any chance there are any floating around still?

Cheers pal

Rafael García Marín said...

Hi Jamie,
Sorry for not answering before, this blog is not used anymore... :)
I'm afraid I don't have copies of this one anymore.