Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two years of Volomir's Blog!

Today is a happy day, it's the blog's second birthday!! Let's celebrate!!!

As I said, I hope to improve the blog in this new year. There's good material coming soon! I have some figure processes ready to serve, new and old tutorials for the blog and photos of my latest finished figures and some which I am working on right now. There are also new initiatives coming to the blog. More tutorial goodness, interviews, a shop with my spare miniatures and my own modelled pieces, miniature painting competitions in the blog with prizes and all... Stay tuned as always!!

Today, to celebrate, I will post some process photos of the making of Malus Darkblade.

Happy Birthday Blog!!

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KyleM said...

Happy Birthday to your blog! Hope to see you somewhere in the world soon mate!

- Kyle