Friday, October 15, 2010

Two Golden Demons this weekend (Germany and Italy)

This weekend, two Golden Demon contests will be held at the same time in what it seems to me a total careless datepick decision from GW internationally. Some painters like to travel abroad to these events and placing both events the same day, considering that there are only 5 Golden Demons in Europe in a year, seems a bit foolish. There won't be any more Golden Demons in Europe until GD France which will presumably be held on April, as usual.

Anyway, we have two spanish groups travelling abroad this weekend.

Italy: the south mark! Arsies (Javier Gonzalez), Iguazzu (Alex Varela) and company
Germany: Fenix (Borja Garcia) and our friends from Valladolid

Good luck to all of you guys! We want to see pictures soon!

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