Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Citadel Colour: get them all in 5 pots!

Painting is not an expensive hobby. Colour theory says you can get all the colours from the basic 3 primary colours, plus black and white for desaturation. Well, it is true, in theory. I always say this in my courses but some people don't believe it. So that's why I post some charts I found in the internet, which can help you out with your mixing. These charts tell you how to make the entire Citadel Colour range out of the basic 5 pots. Of course, don't fool yourselves, the exact colours are impossible to get for many reasons, but you will get pretty similar ones.

Bear in mind that even though this chart is very useful, you must not underestimate the wonderful exercise that is trying to get an specific colour without any cheatsheet. It will help understand better colour theory and will help you make your own personal tones. So use the charts with responsibility!


Unknown said...

I found that this morning again (and a whuile before) and shared it on facebook - nice to sea that someone explained how colors are working ogether using only the basic tones red - blue and yellow in addition to black and white. Makes painting so much easier :)

Thanks for shairing.

veghist said...

Not again!
See for yourself:

Rafael García Marín said...

veghist: as I said in the post, the results are approximate, to get exact tones is impossible. I haven't tried it myself, and I'm sure that what you post is true, I never expected something else. You have to use the chart as guideline, not as a bible or something like that. And as I said, nothing is better than mixing colours by yourself to learn about colour theory. This is what I would encourage everyone to do!

Herr Reckerth said...

Thanks a lot Volomir, I think this list is very helpful. It might take some time to get the exact colours but that is not the point. I will give this a try on one of my next projects and see how it comes out.

Keep on!!!

Roman aka jar said...

Happy Painting due Happy Colourmixing! I could not paint without mixing colours like a wild rhino! Namaste, Roman

veghist said...
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veghist said...

I'd be fine if the colours were at least approximate, as you say but in most cases they are not even close.

Raffa said...

Excellent tutorial, very cool... i don't believe that all recipes work very exactly but anyway it's a very good "color workout" :)


Julio Cesar Molto Garcia said...

Rafa, con tu permiso quiero compartir esta entrada en mi blog. Si hay problema la borro. En el blog menciono que es tuya.

Rafael García Marín said...

Claro tio! Si además los gráficos no son míos! Los he sacado de internet! :)