Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do Not Miss: January 2012

For the first month of 2012, this is the most interesting stuff I've seen in the internet:

  • How to win a Golden Demon by Bestienmeister: Chris is doing this series of articles on how he thinks a painter should approach his participation in a Golden Demon contest. A great idea I once had to do an article about, maybe I'll give my views on this matter in the future, but in the meantime check Chris' opinion, very interesting and instructive!

  • Royal Navy Captain by Pepa: Impressive painting of Pepa on this bust of "Captain and Commander". The portrait is absolutely wonderful. I love it.

  • Knightmodels 30mm new releases: Amazing new releases from Knightmodels, and awesome new "army deals" so that people can maybe start armies? Maybe a future game? Who knows... I'm so excited about this. Expect to see figurines from these range of Knightmodels from me in the near future... for sure!

  • Reaver Lords by Remy Tremblay: I love this new miniature modelled by Remy Tremblay for a new brand of miniatures called Reaver Lords. It is wonderfully dynamic.

  • Predator 30mm by Remy Tremblay: And yet another new miniature by Remy Tremblay, this one is just impressive for the quality of the details and how impressively well made is the resemblance with this famous character. Fantastic, outstanding!

  • "Morena" by JJ (in Rafa Coll's Blog): I really liked this scene made by JJ Barrena starting from a miniature sculpted by Pedro Fernández for the range Spherewars. Of course, this all comes from Rafa Coll's Blog, who always brings us little marvels from the south of Spain.

  • Female studies by Tom Meier: Whenever Tom Meier posts a new article in his blog, I just jump in excitement. He's just the best. Look at this amazing female studies un 32mm (specially the wet undine, oh my god!!).

  • Valentine, 54mm by Benoit Cauchies: Excellent Benoit Cauchies sculpture for Kabuki Models, part of their line of sexy girls to paint. Alfonso Giraldes is in charge of the painting of the box-art which, as usual, is a little miniature marvel.

  • Ismael the Vampire, by Mauganra: This miniature is from long ago now, but I just recently saw it on coolmini and it's very nice, and very much in tune with the recent vampire counts trend. I specially love the face.

  • Modelling "The Sorcerer" by Pedro Fernández: Another great post in Rafa Coll's Blog, with photos of the sculpture process of a miniature sculpted by Pedro Fernández, in this case, "The Sorcerer", a miniature which is part of Nocurna Models range of figurines.

  • Viking on Horseback by Joaquín Palacios: A new historical figure from Andrea Miniatures, a horseback rider on 54mm sculpted by Joaquín Palacios (Freeman). I think he used the horse from Zorabeth, the elf rider, or at least it bears the same pose! I love Joaquín!

  • Vercingetorix by Joaquín Palacios: Another new historical figure from Andrea Miniatures, sculpted by Joaquín Palacios (Freeman), as usual. Simple, like all historical ones, but still amazing. Great conversion material too.

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Painting Pauper said...

I love these round ups Volomir. You've highlighted some truely impressive miniatures.