Thursday, March 1, 2012

About moods and motivation

What a great moment this is. You finally get to have some free time to invest in one of your favourite activities. No one to bother you, all of your stuff in front of you, everything set... but no. You just can't do it, there is something which gets in between you and the paintbrush. You're sad about something, or maybe you're worried about some problem. There's something on your mind that's bothering you much more than the lack of time you normally have. But it is now when you have time! However, being alone painting seems like the worst of ideas. Just you, your paints, and your sad thoughts to linger on a bit more.

I find it absolutely impossible to paint/model when this happens. I have to get away from home, maybe hang out with some friends, or just wet the pains in alcohol (not the best of options, but who am I kidding, it helps). And then, after all your pains are gone and you want to paint as usual, you find yourself stuck again in the crazy neverending routine of normal life, with absolutely no time for your painting. So frustrating...

There's so many things I could do with this time... but I just can't!!

Maybe you guys have some magic formula for these times. What to do when this happens?


Roman aka jar said...

I know exactly what you mean - I know these moments - I am bound to paint due my job so I have these moments pass by just painting more and more ... no idea if this is the right thing to do, but they are gone someday - those dark moments on the painting table - for me it really helps to paint on, maybe clean my workspace, finish things that are bothering me and keep my mind busy and just get on ... it is sad that you find this moment in your free time, but maybe it is just your mind. You were so much looking forward to your free days to paint freely and now they are here and maybe you did put yourself under too much happy pressure. I often take a moment to rest, but still paint on. Just pick a miniature that is not bound to your biggest projects ,something simple to have joy during painting but still keep it simple - for me this helps the most ... wish you the best and take care! Roman

Daith said...

I guess i can relate to that problem quite heavily.. Days like that are real pain, I had really sad time some months ago and nothing could motivate me to paint ad as u say running away from it lead directly into going out with friends and drinking alcohol but I figured out it's not really an answer because when u come back home after couple of beers everything start to look even more sad and depressing.. so i quit drinking then cause it's not an answer it makes u feel better for a wile and then your mood is taking bigger nose dive the before. For me answer was time, you have to give it to yourself sometimes, keep doing other creative things, different then before ( with friends or some new people)and look on other peoples works and ideas. It helped me a lot, hope it helps You too.

Best Regards,

dubik said...

Happens to me all the time. Some times it helps to watch some tutorials if we are talking about painting. Or do other hobby like playing piano. When I'm not in the mood of playing I'm trying to paint. Walking, gym also helps but takes time :)

Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with mixing it up - hang out wuth friends, get drunk, etc.

Whatever works for you :)

I find that riding a bike works amazing wonders. Whether thats a full day smashfest taking on the hills ... or a simple half hour on the shopping bike just trundling along at low speed ... there is something about bike riding that really does help solve a lot of things that are going on in your head.

Its a meditative thing that requires your full attention, and seems to turn every second into an hour of deep thought.

When you come home and get off the bike - many of the things on your mind are put into perspective, or solved outright.

Highly recommended.

Corvus said...

I've encountered this a lot of times. So many times even that I stopped fighting it. Just put "I must be painting" out of your head and do something else. The urge to paint will return... could take days, sometimes months; But in the end you come back stronger and more motivated than before.

Lloyd said...

I feel this pain - had exactly the same happen two weeks ago - a week off work and lots of painting commissions to do, and I have yet to finish one - to the detriment of my bank account it must be said.

I do however believe that painting in an unmotivated state will lead to a lower quality end result, so no paint is better than forced paint!

Unfortunately sometimes I feel that painting is more a chore than the hobby i love, however, the competitive nature I have leads me to set myself small goals in order to get stuff done - really helps :-)

Rafael García Marín said...

Thank you guys, you will be really helpful. I'm going through a mood rough patch and I'm sure it will get better with time but right now it's a bit tough. I hope to come back with strength soon, and the sooner the better!!