Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mysterious rumours about rule changes in Golden Demon?

I have been hearing lately some rumours and whispers of a nameless fear...

It's all related to this White Dwarf article, found on this month's spanish edition:

Obviously it's in spanish. For those who can't read my mother tongue, this is a translation of the important part:

    If you are going to participate in some Golden Demon this year, don't forget to download the NEW RULES from our website.

Ok then, that's not a problem, we always check out the rules every year, and sometimes there are some minor changes. But... why the capital letters? Why is it SO important to check them out this year?

Then came some comment on Facebook of a famous Golden Demon winner whose name I'm not going to say to make it more misterious (yeah, I love mistery). This is what he said:

    Back From The GW HQ (24h Leasure Trip)! Some Mayor Changes Are Coming... Brace Yourself... 24th of March... Can´t Tell Anything (NDA´s Are Cereal Business...), But I Guess That Everyone Will Be Talking Much About This Very Soon...... Now Off To Sleep... Hoot Hoot!

And it's true there is something big coming from the leisure factory, they have picked that date for some kind of important presentation (click to enlarge):

Ok... what is really going on? It doesn't seem like a product presentation as there are "Some Major Changes Coming". What should be expect?? I don't know about you but I can't wait to find out...


Herr Reckerth said...

You know how to create tension my friend.^^
As you have your source, you sure have way more information. Go go go... :)

24th is 11 days to go, I can't wait that long. What will it be?


Aliaume said...

GW has posted the rules for french GD and there are only few minor changes like adding category duel.

Maybe it will be different for the Spanish GD.


KyleM said...

I think that you might have got this wrong Rafa. I think that 'mysterious' person may have been talking about some new products coming out next month. More along the lines of helping to paint your figure, more then changes of GD rules... ;)

Maybe the Spanish GD rules may change this year. But I dont think that the 24th of March announcement will be for that. And as far as I know from talking to some 'big wigs' in GW here in Australia. GW actually likes a bit of national flavour to their GD's and rules. So we shall see!

Rafael García Marín said...

I hope it's just the paints coming out of course! Why do they take so much time to post the rules in the GW Spain website... oh well... :) Don't you guys deny you like some mistery though :D jaja It's always funnier that way!! :D
I think that it's just that in Spain we are so tired of weird jury decisions and stuff that we expect any news to be bad news XD

Unknown said...

Nobody expects the Emperor`s Inquisition. Our chief weapon is mystery! Mystery and suspense... TWO! Two weapons...