Friday, November 30, 2012

Do Not Miss: November 2012

This is the most interesting stuff seen in November 2012:

  • The Return of Demon Winner: Normally I never post links to my blog in the Do Not Miss section, but this time is different. All your help is needed to bring back Demon Winner to live! So help me spread the word and let's make it the best GD database ever!

  • Naegannwg, Tândyndraig of Gwaelod: Under this atrocity of a name, we can find this wonderful miniature sculpted by Roberto Chaudon for Mierce Miniatures (old Maelstrom Games range of miniatures).

  • Getting the most out of your hobby: Interesting article by The Pirate Viking regarding how people spend their time in the miniature wargaming hobby world.

  • Karaikal on painting desk lights: David Rodríguez (Karaikal) is back in business and shares with us all he knows about lamps. In Spanish I'm afraid, but just this once, as he is going to write bilingually from now on.

  • Triscaidecafobia-gangster by Poisonauta: Always make sure you check this blog because Leo has an awesome ability for sculpting miniatures.

  • Derkin by Pedro Fernández: Another awesome miniature by Pedro Fernández in Rafa Coll's Blog. He might be the most productive sculptor in the miniature world!

  • Some WIPs by Romain: Stepping into Romain's blog is like opening the window to a world of fresh sculpting every day.

  • Aztec Bust by Roberto Chaudon: Another miniature by Roberto Chaudon in the Do Not Miss of this month, in this case, a very interesting bust of an aztec.

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