Friday, December 7, 2012

WIP: Swordmasters of Hoeth Part 5

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So let's go back to my captain, I want to start finishing him off. The metallic work on the sword with airbrush is finished, now I will do some outlining to the sword with very clear metallics (Mithril Silver and Metal Medium).

Close up.

Even though the gems were initially done by airbrush, now that the rest is starting to become finished, they look dull. They need some outlining and deeper colours so they can stand out. Red, black and inks, and then the light spot for the glass shine effect.

Another close up.

And now the face. I want the skin to be fairly elvish so I will keep it very light and white. Also I finished up some more gems.

And closer.

Ok, now I will go back to serial painting again, but this time by brush. It's time for gold metals. First, a base surface of reddish brown which will help the gold metal cover better.

Photo of them all to show that I wasn't lying on the serial painting fact.

I also needed to complete the blueish parts of the clothing by brush. It's time to do it now, again, serially.

The metals of the tunics are somehow hard because they require a lot of work on little details. Painting ten of them will be painful but let's stop complaining and get to it. First, base surface of dark green on all the scales.

This was a first coat that was left to dry while I went on to another elf. It needs another hand of dark green.

Now that I have it covering well, I will paint each metal scale, one by one, carefully and patiently. This is the worst part. Also, the metallic basecoat for the gold.

Ten of them was a big amount of work!

The metals are not finished though. I will continue soon.

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