Monday, December 17, 2012

Nominated for Best Blog in 2012!

I couldn't believe my eyes, really. Volomir's Blog nominated for the WAMP Awards 2012!
My blog has been nominated as one of the five finalists in the category of Best Blog in 2012. I have the honour of sharing this place with these amazing blogs and initiatives:

You guys can look at all the WAMP Awards nominees here.

Of course I don't expect to win, I can't compete with some of these, but just the feeling that there's a bunch of people that believe that my blog could be one of the best in the Fantasy painting community this past year is a wonderful honour.

This nomination is a kind recognition to my work, but in my opinion the real recognition is to all of you dear readers of this space, because you guys make the place possible with your unconditional support. I promise to keep up and use all of my strength make the blog better for 2013! There's real good things coming up, I promise y'all!


elinhir said...

Yo no digo nada jajaja que luego me llaman pelota.
Sabes lo que pienso de ti jajaja...eres un crack...
y me encanta tu blog.
Ese dragon quiero verlo!!

Unknown said...

Aha! You don't think you will win. I won't win either! We got the winners :D

I see it like you - every single view makes me happy. Don't need anything else ;)

But it feels good to be nominated regardless, doesn't it!