Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Towel Day!!!

It's that time of the year fellows!!!

¡Feliz Día del Orgullo Friki!.

Today is May 25! A super intergalactic coincidence of very important anniversaries happens on this date, and if you are a nerd (who I'm pretty sure you are since you happen to be reading these lines), I don't need to remind you that Star Wars was released today more than 35 years ago, or that it's Towel Day for the Hitch-hikers of the galaxy everywhere. Today is known as "Towel Day", or as an even cooler name that we have for it in Spain: "Día del Orgullo Friki" (translated as "Nerd Pride Day").

All of you must be preparing their best galas for the Nerd Pride Parades happening everywhere, or maybe preparing to re-watch Star Wars at home. I am celebrating it doing even more translations for the super DVD set from Painting Buddha, Season 1.1 "Target Identified". While resting from one of my long translating sessions, I'm sharing with you this wonderful teaser trailer for the DVD set, released today (obviously had to be today) by Mr. President Bartels from

Check out the TEASER TRAILER!.

From Painting Buddha himself:

    The Budget Box will be a no-thrills box which holds all the essentials you need to become a better painter: 6 full loaded DVDs in a beautiful DVD Collectors Edition and our Hero's Brad & Yanet (without the base) protected by a stylish metal box. And of course it had to be 42€!

    But we are nerds, and we wanted more. So we stuffed all kinds of goodies into the deal and realized that - if we sold it for 42€ - we would be in the red. Not that red is a bad color, but hey,... A suporter box at 84€ is twice as hoopy as 42!

    You wonder what kind of hoopy gifts we will put in the Budget and the Supporter Box?

Look at this bit of Wonderland!.

I tell you, I can't wait for this to see the light! Or at least... to finish the subtitles in Spanish! :D

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Unknown said...

I am slowly learning the most important painting words in Spanish thanks to your translation :D