Monday, May 20, 2013

Subtitle translation mayhem!

You might remember this.

Join the Revolution, NOW!.

And these three motherfuckers:

The happy family of Ben, Mati and Michael.

Well there's some DVD goodness Season 1 coming very soon (seriously!). But all great release comes with great responsibility. And I wanted my fellow friends in Spain to be able to enjoy the videos even if their English level is not that great. So because of that, this week I'm immersed in a subtitle translation mayhem because I want to make sure that everything in the DVDs is properly subtitled, not only in English and German, but also in SPANISH!

Even Ben Komets will speak in Español too.

So you'll be guessing that with a 6 DVD (!!!!!!) translation task as huge as this one, I won't be doing much of anything else this week...


Stoessi said...

Can't wait for the DVDs to be done. :) Thanks for all the hard work!

Broke N English said...

Aye, that sounds like a herculean task, I'm sure you'll smash it :)