Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back from Berlin (Painting Buddha style)

I'm back from Berlin!

What a nice week surrounded by the most amazing people. There is a lot going on in Painting Buddha and I encourage you guys to follow what they are doing because there are some really cool proposals being cooked as I write these lines and the products that they will be releasing in the next few months are some of the best quality creations that we can see in the market currently.

Obviously I'm not going to speak about the triple DVD in which I have just participated because my impressions would be a bit subjective... but seriously, the talent that they have, the care that they put in all their work and especially the passion that they are throwing in (the company is practically non-for-profit so the prices are surprisingly low) really make a difference.

I'd say that what we will see released in the coming times is the result of a group of people absolutely in love with our hobby who have received so much from the miniature painting community that they are now going to give back a lot of that love by doing what they do best.

And the best part is that I sincerely had a lot of fun!

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Unknown said...

Hey Rafa :)

That week went so fast, but as they say: "Time flies when you are having fun".

Thank you again for your participation in our revolution - you gave more than 142% and the quality of your paintjob of the Brad & Yanet diorama is just 'out of this world'.

You are 'a hoopy frood, who really knows where his towel is' ^^