Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golden Demon Germany 2013 confirmed!

It's funny that I am in Berlin as I write these lines... but yes!! Seems like finally we will have a Golden Demon in Germany this year!

And in Köln! August 11 in the Gürzenich!!!

Ok, everything is too good to be true. A raise in prices for the ticket (50€ or so) and a limited number of visitors, 2000 tops, will accompany this year's GD in Germany. But OK, we DO have Golden Demon in Germany after all!

Read it all at Mr. President's post on


Unknown said...

Katze Matratze :D

Thanks for sharing, Marín Especial!

Camelson said...

yeeeessss!!!! I will be there!! :D See you guys! :D

Camelson said...

Of course if I will get a ticket :(