Monday, April 22, 2013

Crystal Brush 2013 results

We have a new Crystal Brush winner!

The grand prize went this time to Jeremie Bonamant with this piece, "Game 08 Life":

Game 08 Life by Jeremie Bonamant

A truly wonderful piece which serves as the comeback for the legendary Bonamant, lost in Africa for three years for an amazing adventure biking around the continent. It seems like he is back for good, and how good!

Remember emuse's indiegogo campaign to get to Crystal Brush this year? Well the effort finally paid off! Second position for his wonderful diorama "The Walking Dead".

The Walking Dead by Enrique Velasco

Third position went to our beloved Raffaele Picca, with this amazing monster of nature being hunt down, in "Touch of Death":

Touch of Death by Raffaele Picca

Apparently winners this year were really really close! Quite a battle indeed, and a lot of effort must have been required from poor monkey judge Mr. Roman Lappat (with the help of all the voting CoolMiniOrNot community). These other remarkable entries were left out of the juicy prizes:

The Steam Piper of Hamelin by Matt Cexwish

So High de Marc Masclans y Diego Esteban

We have been told that there were lots of entries in Crystal Brush this year, but that there was a big gap in quality between the really impressive ones and the rest. Despite this, it seems that the number of great entries is growing slowly in this contest. Let's see if next year's Crystal Brush follows the trend!

As for now, congrats to all winners! Also, good to see some Spanish representation in the podium once again, keep up guys!


Unknown said...

Mola, mola!

ARBAL said...

Thx for this photos.
The high level of works is stunning.
Coloured Dust

Unknown said...

To see the best of the best is beyond words.

Kelly said...

I believe the reason why there were so many "eh" entries in the competition was because Adepticon is primarily a HUGE gaming convention. There were likely a number of gamers (who can paint to a decent tabletop quality standard) who simply entered their spare models into the Crystal Brush competition. Crystal Brush is just one component of the larger Adepticon convention, and those diehard painters / artists are just a minority of the attendees.