Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do Not Miss: April 2013

These are the most interesting things I've seen in April 2013:

  • Modelling weapon ornaments by Steve Party: Figurin TV makes this amazing video (in French) on how Steve creates his wonderful and highly detailed weaponry. I love all that Steve does, so this video even though it's in French, is A MUST.

  • Scale 75 new releases: This spanish company is giving it all with their new releases, and its consolidating Steam Wars as one of the most interesing miniature ranges of the market. Impressive tandem between Elías Alonso and Joaquín Palacios that turn to gold everything they touch.

  • Buzzcut from Remy Tremblay for Dreadball: By looking at the box arts from Dreadball you'd never tell that Remy Tremblay is behind many of their creations. I think they should paint his creations with more love.

  • Along came a spider by Piqui and Iguazzu: Cursed Monkeys new creation is this very interesting scene created with the pre-released Dwarf from Heroes and Villains beautifully sculpted by Jonatan Monerris.

  • AMT Torrent review by Rafa Coll: This very famous contest in Spain was celebrated in April and Rafa Coll brings us his personal review with lots of photos. It's divided in different posts so don't just stay in this first one linked!

  • Aradae Mawr: Another great sculpture from master Chaudon for Mierce Miniatures.

  • Tupac by Christian Hardy: Really cool sculpture of a lizardmen skink, super dynamic. I love it!

  • The Clockwork Man: Brilliant idea by Rafa Coll from a Sargeant Blackart miniature. Amazing!

  • Rime of the Merchant Marienburger: This absolutely amazing army has caught my attention to an extent I couldn't feel imaginable. Check it out, it's the Empire Fantasy army on the last part of the post.

  • Sibila del Oráculo de Delfos: A Step by Step article (in Spanish) by Pepa which in my opinion is absolutely essential. I learnt a lot from it!

  • How to make a woodbox for miniatures: Magnificent article in Hysteria Yard about how to create a wooden box to transport miniatures. No more excuses!

  • How to make simple spider webs: Interesting and useful video on 5th Dimension on how to do spider webs in a very simple manner.

  • Luz New York from Pedro Fernández: In Rafa Coll's Blog, first part of the sculpting photos of this wonderful miniature from Pedro Fernández for Nocturna Models.

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