Thursday, April 4, 2013

The one with Torrent, Painting Buddah and others

Ladies and gentlemen, this weekend Torrent will be holding the classic and famous contest of the AMT. It is considered one of the best in Spain (if not the most important) and every year it gathers a great deal of miniatures of the highest quality in both Fantasy and Historical sections. I consider it a do not miss contest!

In spite of this, I am going to miss it again this year. I don't know how I do it but every year it's the same story, something comes up and I can't make it. And of course, this year was not going to be different in that aspect. Can you believe I've never been to Torrent?

More news: I am sure all of you already know, Michael Bartels blog, and his initiative to revolution the painting miniatures world. Michael is a very inspiring super nerd that has decided to live the dream and leave his unfulfilling corporate life to create a singular miniature company based on a very particular view of the world which I'm sure all of you will be very in tune with. As a summary to all of those who live underground, Michael founded the company Painting Buddah and announced a juicy set of DVDs with tutorials from some of the most prestigious painters from around the globe and miniatures to follow these courses, for a very very interesting price.

Michael contacted me because he wanted me to become part of the initiative and offered me to be one of the painters for the second season of the DVDs which will presumably see the light in a few months. In fact, I already have my trip to Berlin programmed to record it. However, as you can read here, there has been some minor problems with the recording of the first season and Michale has decided to repeat the recording of the two first videos (Ben Komets and Stephan Rath). Since Stephan won't be able to visit Berlin until after the summer, it has been decided that the order of the painters will be modified and finally I will be part of the first season, and that way the first two DVDs will be on time. The funny thing is that thanks to this, all of those who asked for the DVDs in pre-order, trusting in the initiative without having seen the product, will now get, for the same price, the whole set of 3 painters of the first season.

Finally, talking about other stuff, Volomir's Blog has now joined the blog site "La Mazmorra del Poliedro", to unite all blogs about wargames and miniature painting in Spanish. You may now see this banner on the lower right side of the blog.

If you happen to be fluent in Spanish don't forget to check it out!

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