Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Incoming High Elves in May

Games Workshop has a new policy for releases and it is evil. We are going to see a new army book practically every month with their corresponding new releases. Something that together with the unreasonable price rises that the company has been undertaking on their new products will upset a lot of people.

Even so, despite Games Day cancellations, despite price rises and despite Finecast, I am really looking forward to the release of High Elves in May.

As a big fan of High Elves (you must have noticed by now), I am eagerly waiting to see the new proposals from the old Games Workshop, let's see what they surprise us with now.

There has been many rumours, but if you ask me, what is it that I want to see? Well, for starters, this:
  • New spearmen
  • New archers
  • Monstruous cavalry on lions
  • Update of character models such as Korhil, Tyrion, Teclis, etc.
  • The Everqueen and her girls
I think that some of the things I ask for will come true, others won't. But anyway, let's see what happens. For the moment, I have only been able to see this photo, pretty disappointing actually (those ice crystals, why the hate?).

I have also read something about white lion cloaks on basic troops... that would be really sexy!

Whatever happens, it seems that this year is going to be a great High Elf year on Volomir's Blog.


Ver_Bla said...

Nice! The Phoenix looks like an amazing model!

I'm afraid the spearmen won't be updated if I see it correctly in the picture. Right side you can see a unit of the old spearmen.

Ethelie said...

oh I love the phenixes! but they could have skipped the crystals honestly.
with their increasingly crappy policy and prices I don't want to buy anything from them anymore but they do make some really fine models :(