Sunday, March 31, 2013

Do Not Miss: March 2013

These are the most interesting things I've seen in March 2013:

  • Metallic Color Comparison Chart: Massive Voodoo surprises us again with this magnificent and very useful chart to compare different metallic colours from various paint companies. Choose your metal!

  • Maya and Ronin from Romain: Two busts finished from the great Romain, which are absolutely impressive as always.

  • The return of Poupée Canope: Emanuele is back for good with this AMAZING new miniature, one of the most incredible sculpts ever in the history of Fantasy modelling, and resembling the legendary and never forgotten line of Crete Hurlantes from Ilyad. Pity it sold out in a couple of days, but stay tuned because I'm sure he will release more awesome creations in the future.

  • Knightmodels new releases: Another great batch of wonderful releases, from their DC licenses, their Batman game, and the great Saruman the White in 70mm.

  • Scale75 new releases: New line of Sci-Fi models, wonderfully sculpted digitally by Joaquín Palacios and painted by master Elías Alonso. And a new range of paints designed by Elías! Great news.

  • Pentesilea, Infinity: I've recently started to look a lot into Infinity (which appears to be the boom lately) and this new release is awesome. Reminds me of the good old days of Final Fantasy VII.

  • A Necron Lives Forever: Such a simple and cool idea. I love these little jewels of good taste!

  • You Shall Not Pass by Arsies: Great tribute to this wonderful miniature, painted by David Rodríguez some years ago.

  • Dyndraig Trooper by Roberto Chaudon: Another great sculpt by Roberto for the company Mierce Miniatures.

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